Sunday 2 September 2018

How Mark & Rachel prepare a new musical track for their client

Rachel M Starr and Mark N Hopgood are working on a new album. This post takes you through the process of making the new track happen.

The stages of creating the track:

1. Lyrics
2. Tune / Melody
3. Arrangement
4. Demo Track
5. Vocal Guide
6. Vocals
7. Production
8. Mastering

They're currently putting this process into practice for track two off the upcoming album "The Only One".

For this piece Rachel structured the lyrics Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge...

This week Rachel sent an album of lyrics to Mark with review track.

Here's a "The Only One" in its original form.

On Friday, Mark started listening to the reference track and while listening to the credits music at the end of "Children Of Men" had a musical idea for a melody line and quickly popped into the studio to record a melody. Saturday, Mark shaped up a demo and started with athe melody and verse 1. By the end of the day, the lyric sheet looked like this - a couple of tweeks that make the words easier for Mark to sing the demo / vocal guide.

Its a bit battered having been handled, written on and various crumbs from buttered hot cross buns and tea spilled on it through stolen moments in the day.

And here's what the demo sounds like after 3 hours work. This is now ready for sending to our vocalist.


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