Friday 21 December 2018

dnldr year in music 2018 - part 1 January 2018

Its been a great year for dnldr in 2018, releasing many new singles and an album in conjunction with our partners. In this article, founder Mark N Hopgood gives an account of the path dnldr online music club followed in 2018.

dnldr - online music club

The music year started on 5th Jan 2018 when Mark went to Cardiff to work with Richard on their @FadeFiles project with a Welsh single to be released later in the year. Dyddiau Dyfodol ( code name French Jam ) had the tune and arrangement constructed in that session.

Mark and Richard combined disco beats and retro synths to make a nostalgic upbeat track that was played weekly on national radio show BBC Radio Cymru.

Dyddiau Dyfodol - the first track worked on in January 2018 - release in July 2018.

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