Monday 28 May 2018

Hi-Q edition of Things Improve with Time

28th May 2018, London, UK
Mairk has released a new mix of Things Improve With time. According to the YouTube video text.

Mairk produced this version of Things Improve With Time for audiophiles, music producers and DJs who want to set their own limits to what they listen to. Following on from Oncle Gilbert's House Of Marley Smile Jamaica edition, Mairk felt that he needed a version of the track that would be as close to what he was hearing in the studio. Read more ...

The result is an unmastered, non loud version which can be listened to at reasonable volume and also at high volume / high gain situations such as audiophile room or club, with no additional artifacts getting in the way.

Mairk has termed the mix - Hi-Q - with the phrase choose your limits, so that the appropriate level of loudness can be chosen.

To truly hear this 24-bit stereo WAV file in all its glory, please email A copy will be furnished to you.

Other ways to listen:

Lower quality via the youtube above.
On the move - House Of Marley mix via bandcamp -


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